Splitting a trip
Written by William Jones
Updated over a week ago

1. Splitting an order can be done from anywhere that displays a task. In this example we'll do it through the order page. Click the trip you want to split.

2. Then, click on "View Trip".

3. When splitting a trip select the "3 dots" beside the task you'd like to insert the split after.

4. Click on the "Split Here" button in the menu.

5. Be sure to select a split location, this will default to the current fleet's terminal location selected inside of the dispatch page.

6. We now have a split drop, and a split load task. When there is any type of "drop task" the trip will automatically be split into multiple legs.

7. Close the trip dialog by selecting the back button.

8. Now lets see how it looks in the dispatch screen. Click on "Dispatch" in the left hand side of the screen.

9. Now, search for it here. You can use any number associated with the movement, trip, or order.

10. You can now see that there is multiple legs for the same trip that can be assigned individually.

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