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Creating An Order
Creating An Order
Written by William Jones
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1. To get started click the 'Orders' button on the left-side panel.

2. Then click 'Add New' at the top right corner of the screen.

3. If you have already created the specified partner, you can search and select it from the dropdown.

4. If the order is for a new partner, click the plus button to create a new one.

5. Type in the partner's name.

6. Click on "Bill To" if you would like to set the partner's billing address. This will be used when the invoice is created.

7. Then, click on "OK".

8. Create any number needed to reference this order between your team, or partner.

9. If you have a purchase order number you can input that here.

10. Search and select the shipper in the drop-down (the first pickup location)

11. Click the plus button if you need to add a new one.

12. Search Google and select the address to automatically fill in all the required details.

13. When all the required details have been populated, click on "OK".

14. Do the same for the consignee (the last drop location).

15. Next, select a desired pickup date or time window.

16. Then, set the expected delivery date and time window.

17. If you want to add freight details on the front end you can do that here.

18. Click on "OK" to create the order.

19. To edit a task, you can click anywhere on the row under the 'Tasks' section.

20. If you want to revise or edit commodity details click the "3 dots".

21. Then select "Edit" from the menu.

22. Click on the 'X' button to close the form.

23. If you edit details in the options section, click "Save Details" to confirm your changes.

24. Click on the row to collapse the task details.

25. If you already have the charges that will be billed to the customer you can enter them by clicking the "Add" button.

26. Fill in the charge code, description, quantity, and rate.

27. When you are done editing the line items click on "Save Changes'.

28. When all details have properly been filled in, Click "Book Now".

29. You can return to the list page by clicking the "back button" here.

30. Your order will now be listed under the "Pending" tab. "Pending" means the order is ready to be dispatched, and can be seen in all the different pages an order can be dispatched from.

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