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Dispatching from the dispatch page
Dispatching from the dispatch page
Written by William Jones
Updated over a week ago

1. While dispatching an order from the order screen might be more efficient in some cases. There are many ways to accomplish this same task depending on the dispatcher's objective. Let's walk through dispatching in a live scenario directly from the dispatch screen. Click on "Dispatch" on the left side of the screen.

2. Search for the order/trip/leg you'd like to dispatch. You can use any of the corresponding numbers associated.

3. Once you have found the order/leg/trip you'd like to dispatch, click anywhere on the row to select it.

4. Here is a preview of the leg being displayed on a map.

5. Now click on the "Available" tab inside of the Vehicles pane on the right.

6. Then select the vehicle or driver you'd like to assign this leg to.

7. Click on "Add Selection Here".

8. Confirm the details on the assignment page are correct then click "Ok"

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