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Dispatching your first order
Dispatching your first order
Written by William Jones
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1. To start, click on the order you would like to dispatch.

2. Orders are organized into movements. Many orders will only have a single movement. But sometimes you might receive an order with multiple loads that must be performed sequentially. Movements are also useful when you need to cross-dock or store your freight at an interim terminal or warehouse location.

3. This order has only a single movement. Click "View Trip" to see the trip details that this movement belongs to.

4. The trip detail page allows you to see all relevant information for delivering the orders (or an order movement).

5. Trips are usually done with a primary trailer. This allows LoadFlex to keep track of the trailer as it moves along the trip.

6. Trips also allow you to combine multiple orders into a single load. Click "add order" to add an additional order to the trip.

7. Inside of a trip we have a single leg. Trips can have multiple legs, because you may want to change the vehicle or driver in the middle of a trip.

8. To assign the trip's leg to a driver, click on the "3 dots" next to the status indicator.

9. Then click the 'Assign' item in the option menu.

10. Select a start date, this date is used to set when the driver should begin this leg. It also tells LoadFlex the order in which it is dispatched in the system.

11. If you have an initial deadhead starting location you can specify that here.

12. Now search for the vehicle you would like to dispatch.

13. Click on the vehicle to select.

14. If there is already a current driver assigned to a vehicle, it will automatically select it in the drop-down.

15. If not you can always make a selection. Click on the driver to assign.

16. When complete click the "OK" button.

17. If you need to assign equipment you can do that by clicking here on the empty box icon.

18. Search for the equipment or add a new one.

19. Click on "OK" to assign the trailer.

20. When we have assigned the leg, it will moved to planned status. To dispatch it, click the "3 dots" on the right of the leg.

21. Then click "Dispatch" button in the menu.

22. If the vehicle already has an assignment, it will move into a "Dispatched" status. If the vehicle is not currently assigned to anything it will move it into an "Active" status.

23. To cancel a dispatch, click on "Reset" button in the legs menu.

24. Confirm the reset by clicking on "OK".

25. If you would like to unassign all resources from the leg, click the "Unassign" button in the menu.

26. As the last step, click the back button to return to the order detail page.

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