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Cross Docking An Order
Cross Docking An Order
Written by William Jones
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Cross-docking allows you to split the delivery of an order into multiple movements. This allows you to assign various different resources and keeps track of them. This is typically done for LTL movements where and order might be stored at a warehouse for a time period, and then later loaded to a trailer and delivered to its final destination.

If you you simply want to swap the driver or vehicle on a trip, please check out the article Splitting A Trip.

1. Click on Orders

Click on Orders

2. Click on Add New

Click on Add New

3. Click on OK

Click on OK

4. Click on Mar 19, 12:00AM - 12:00AM

Click on Mar 19, 12:00AM - 12:00AM

5. Click on Add Freight

Click on Add Freight

6. Click on Type:…

Click on Type:…

7. Click on Add

Click on Add

8. Click on highlight

Click on highlight

9. Click on 0

Click on 0

10. Click on 0

Click on 0

11. Click on Book Now

Click on Book Now

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